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Don’t Watch This » is a short/mid-movie created by It’s a parody of old horror/gore movies from 80th (Dawn of the Dead by Romero for example), some weak SFX with a lot of blood. Everything is made with a really small budget (~175 $) and the staff is also the actors.

Don’t Watch This

Click to play the video (at your own risks)

1. Information:
Date: March 2007
– Low version (.wmv, 360 x 288, Codec WMP8) = 69.2 mo
– High version (.avi, 720 x 576, LameMP3 & Xvid) = 353 mo
Duration: 23 minutes 20 secondes
Subtitles : 11 subtitles are available, look down on the page. In case of a problem check how to use them with VLC : Help for the subtitles.
Short movie by : Nicolas Cérutti (aka. Sakat)
Script by : Nicolas Cérutti and Leeroy Gysi (aka. Razorfist)
Sound edition by : Baptiste Crettaz (aka. Zatterc)
Makeup and FX by : Leeroy Gysi
Videocamera, montage and numeric FX by : Nicolas Cérutti
Note: Don’t Watch This has been screened at the 2300 Plan9 2008 festival. It opened the Troma’s night. In the usual spam session of Sakatland, a DVD has been given to Lloyd Kaufman present at the festival :

Lloyd Kaufman


2. Download:
1) Low quality:
Don’t Watch this (Low quality version, .wmv)

2) High quality:
Don’t Watch This (High quality version, .avi)

3) Subtitles :

3. DVD:

If you are interested in having this short movie in DVD, you should know that a DVD exists. But it isn’t commercialized. For more information, send us an Email here or post it on the forum.


5. Thanks:





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